Choosing and Replacing Garage Door Panels

It is important to remember one thing while building your house. A garage will definitely become one of the parts of it. So, your attentoin should be paid to its design and color, which must supplement that of the entire house's exteriors. What do you think is the main element in building garages? It is a garage door, as it makes up most of the overall appearance of the structure. So, be sure to determine the size which would suit the best for your garage door. The next step will be the garage door panels.

There are many styles and designes popular for the garage door panels. The size of the door as well as the overall general appearance are the main aspects, which influence on the style you will choose. It is distinguished four common designs for a panel.

FLUSH PANELS. They are famous for their slight texture and they also come with even planes. This style is considered to be a simple and it is designed to match the surrounding wall area of the entire facade of the garage.

SHORT RAISED PANELS. These panels are characterised with creating depth to the face of the door. Victorian design homes are recommended to use this style. Only the houses, full of elaborating details or with the solid architectural design of Tudor dwellings will be the best choise for this style.

LONG RAISED PANELS. If you like to have the element of deepness in the entire design of your garage, then be sure to use this kind of panels. They are the panels, which add more power to the appearance of the entire frontage of the door.

PAINTED PANELS. These panels put some more zing to the raised panel designs of a door. If the sloaped area of the panel is painted with contrasting shades, it definitely provides more punch.

A replacement of your panels will doubtly sooner or later become a necessity for you. The reason is that your current panels may not be serving their purpose no more. In a case of such situation, you may opt to find not so expensive garage doors and ask a professional install it, or you may also do it yourself.

You should not consider that replacement of the door panels is a very complicated task to do. It is possible to do it yourself without anybody's help. All tools you will need are: a screwdriver, a ratchet and socket, and the replacement panels. Firs of all, it is necessary to choose the door panels and then to order them. After they will be delivered, have the door removed. In a case of having the automatic type, it is necessary to unplug it first. The next step to do is to open the door manually and remove the springs. Be sure to separate the jointed panels until the moment you reach the one that needs replacement. Remember that you can do it only in a case of possessing the skills of this mechanism so that you could avoid unnecessary damage to its mechanism. The ratchet as well as the socket will be important tools you will need and then the replacement proper. Then attach the new panel to its place and after that re-attach the others. When everything is in its place, be sure to doble check if the panels and the other parts of the door are fastened tight and secure as well. Finally, repaint the entire door in order to have the color of the panels match each other and the entire door.